Text Mark 14:26-72

The Offerings of God

Thursday March 28, 2024 Text: Mark 14:12-26 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 14:12-26

The words of institution to the Lord’s Supper are filled with the sacrificial language of the Old Testament. Words like body, blood, given, shed, poured out, and remission, call to mind the offerings and sacrifices of the Old Testament. Jesus makes it clear that his supper is to be an offering. Not an offering from

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Our LORD Wants Flag-bearers and Soldiers

Sunday September 17, 2023 Text: Mark 14:51-52 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 14:51-52

Greetings dear friends in Christ!  His grace and peace be with you all!                As you know, Jesus’ had many fans and followers at the Palm Sunday parade.   But they began to disappear as His cross drew near.  Mark tells us in chapter 14 that  none of Jesus’ closest disciples  chose to follow Him.  Mark

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Hypocritical Hands

Friday March 12, 2021 Text: Mark 14:55-66 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 14:55-66

Black hat, white hat, Good Guy, Bad Guy, evil, righteous. In lots of movies, it is pretty easy to tell who the bad guy and the good guy are. The good guy looks good, the bad guy looks evil. But there are movies in which the bad guy looks good, metaphorically, and sometimes literally, wears

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NT4 05 – Peter Denies Jesus

Friday February 26, 2021 Text: Mark 14:26-72 Passages: Mark 14:26-72

Peter is convinced that he will never deny Jesus. But in his pride falls victim to Satan’s temptations. Jesus encourages Peter and the other disciples to recognize their own weakness, and when they do fail to trust in his forgiveness.

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Meal to Meal: Passover to Lord’s Supper

Thursday March 29, 2018 Text: Exodus 12:1-13; Mark 14:12-26 Speaker: Festival: Tags: / / / / Passages: Exodus 12:1-13; Mark 14:12-26

    Throughout the years there are many different things that we celebrate, Christmas, New Years, birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, confirmation, and these celebrations are very different. Consider Easter egg hunts versus Christmas stockings. But there is one thing they virtually all share, food   Food has an important place in our life.Iits more than substance

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