Speaker Jonah Albrecht

God’s Patience Is On a Timer  

Sunday September 25, 2022 Text: Acts 6:1-7 Speaker: Passages: Acts 6:1-7

It ran out on the people of Israel and Judah It ran out on His Son

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God’s Love Knows No Bounds

Sunday September 11, 2022 Text: Luke 15:1-10 Speaker: Passages: Luke 15:1-10

In Whom it Seeks In How it Seeks

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Only Jesus Has True Humility

Sunday August 28, 2022 Text: Luke 14:1-14 Speaker: Passages: Luke 14:1-14

By nature we are only able to produce a false humility before God. Only Jesus displays true humility. By His great love and mercy that humility is given to us and because of His humility we will be exalted by God in the resurrection of the just.

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The Sign God Has Set Calls All People

Saturday August 20, 2022 Text: Isaiah 66:18-23 Speaker: Passages: Isaiah 66:18-23

Those who ignore it to judgement Those who hear it to glory

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