Christ Gives Us The Confidence To Stand

Sunday October 24, 2021 Text: Mark 10:46-52 Speaker: Passages: Mark 10:46-52

By faith the blind man stood against the crowd. By faith the blind received his sight. By faith he followed Christ. By faith we too can stand confident in Christ.

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Sunday October 17, 2021 Text: Mark 10:17-22 Speaker: Passages: Mark 10:17-22

We always want just one more thing. We think we need just a little more. The one more thing we need is Christ.

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In Death Christ Is Our Refuge

Sunday October 10, 2021 Text: Psalm 90:1-17 Speaker: Passages: Psalm 90:1-17

Moses desired not to be a preacher of the Law but a hearer and searer of the Gospel. We have seen the work of God’s hand and the beauty of the Lord does shine upon us, here in the cross of Jesus. He is our refuge in all the troubles of this life but especially from the condemnation of the law and the wrath of God.

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Jesus Builds Permanently

Tuesday October 5, 2021 Text: Mark 10:2-12 Speaker: Passages: Mark 10:2-12

Man can not build anything that lasts. God builds to last. He has given us his word and his promises which endure. He can build a marriage for us that endures.

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Cutting Out Jesus

Wednesday September 29, 2021 Text: Mark 9:38-50 Speaker: Passages: Mark 9:38-50

To always rejoice when Jesus is preached, but to always fear and avoid that which is an offense, a death trap, this is truly wisdom from above. For our salvation rests in Christ alone.

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Jesus Taught That He Must Die

Thursday September 23, 2021 Text: Mark 9:30-35 Speaker: Passages: Mark 9:30-35

This is a simple sentence yet something that must be taught and defended. Jesus died for our sins we have no part in our salvation. Jesus died to pay for our sins not to be an example of holy living. Jesus died for sinners not for those who are worthy.

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Jesus Brings Renewal

Wednesday September 15, 2021 Speaker:

Last week we read from James chapter two. In that chapter James talks about not playing favorites. He talks about if a rich man in nice robes and a poor man in rags comes into the church the it would be wrong to give the rich man the attention and the best seat etc. Now

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Only God’s Word Can Give More

Monday August 30, 2021 Text: Deuteronomy 4:1-2,6-9 Speaker: Passages: Deuteronomy 4:1-2,6-9

Why go to a Christian school? Why spend our time and money supporting a Christian school? Why strive for this goal? What is it that get from the school after all that time and money? Some will certainly say, you have the church for religion and the public school for learning math and language, why

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Stop Kinking the Hose

Monday August 23, 2021 Text: Mark 7:1-13 Speaker: Passages: Mark 7:1-13

Water fights would always end the same way when I was kid. They would start with water balloons or water guns, and they would end with one person holding the hose and everyone else trying to get it away from them. Often we would try to get behind the person with the hose and kink

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Jesus Only Has the Words of Life

Thursday August 19, 2021 Text: John 6:51-69 Speaker: Passages: John 6:51-69

Things that are hard: The fundamental theorem of calculus is hard for a lot of people to understand. It describes the relationship between differentiation and integration. There is a rock known as Jacob’s pillow in Becket, Massachusetts. It is not the actual rock that Jacob slept on but it would be hard to sleep on.

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