Prepared For Death

Sunday May 10, 2020 Text: Acts 7:51-60 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Acts 7:51-60

We like Stephen are ready for death. We are prepared by his law which cuts away our dead works of sin. We are prepared by his resurrection which assures us of what is to come. We are prepared by His forgiveness which is a solid foundation in all the changes of life.

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Dwelling In His Pasture

Sunday May 3, 2020 Text: Acts 2:42-47 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Acts 2:42-47

Those who dwell in His pasture reveal in His wealth. Those who dwell in His pasture walk without fear.

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The Promise of the Resurrection

Sunday April 26, 2020 Text: Acts 2:36-41 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Acts 2:36-41

His promise is for all. His promise is always true. His promise is forgiveness, the Holy Spirit and salvation from the mess we have made of our life.

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And He Rose Again On The Third Day

Sunday April 12, 2020 Text: 1 corinthians 15:1-11 Speaker: Festival: Passages: 1 corinthians 15:1-11

Jesus died for our sins and on the third day rose from the dead This is what we received The story is told that Martin Luther once was down and depressed and mopping around the house. SO his wife Katie dressed all in black, as though she was mourning. When Martin Luther saw her he

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They Shall Look On Him

Friday April 10, 2020 Text: Zechariah 12:10 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Zechariah 12:10

A service of meditation

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The Lord Ties Us Together

Thursday April 9, 2020 Text: Luke 22:14-20 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Luke 22:14-20

Bound to All Christians Bound to Each Other Bound to Christ

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Sunday April 5, 2020 Text: Psalm 118:19-29 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Psalm 118:19-29

To open the gates of righteousness To build the city of God To bear the sins of the world

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Not During the Festival

Wednesday April 1, 2020 Text: Matthew 26:1-5 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 26:1-5

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In the Midst of Our Suffering God Gives Gifts

Sunday March 29, 2020 Text: Psalm 143:1-12 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Psalm 143:1-12

1. Righteousness - 2. Salvation - 3. Love - 4. Peace

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