Hands of Vindication

Wednesday March 24, 2021 Text: Matthew 27:15-26 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 27:15-26

In an attempt to absolve himself of the guilt of what he knows full well to be the murder of an innocent man Pilate washes his hands before the crowd of people and claims, “I am innocent.” As far as grand symbolic gestures go this one is terrible. As if washing your hands with water

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Return To The Kingdom

Sunday March 21, 2021 Text: John 18:28-38 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 18:28-38

“Missed it by that much,” that is what Don Adams as Maxwell Smart from “Get Smart” used to always say. Barely missing something can be a terrifying thing or a frustrating thing. People in severe accidents who come out unscathed sometimes have trouble moving on with their lives as they keep reliving the scene. They

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Hands of Brutality

Wednesday March 17, 2021 Text: Matthew 27:27-31 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 27:27-31

Hands of brutality, we usually just call them bullies, there really is not any other word for them. Already condemned to death the roman soldiers nevertheless feel the need to bully, mock and even physically beat Jesus. They were bullies, professional bullies. That is what the Roman government was for that matter. The roman government

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Return To Humility

Sunday March 14, 2021 Text: 1 peter 5:6-10 Speaker: Festival: Passages: 1 peter 5:6-10

Peter learned humility when he trusted in his own strength and failed. Nevertheless Jesus established him in his power.

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Hypocritical Hands

Friday March 12, 2021 Text: Mark 14:55-66 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 14:55-66

Black hat, white hat, Good Guy, Bad Guy, evil, righteous. In lots of movies, it is pretty easy to tell who the bad guy and the good guy are. The good guy looks good, the bad guy looks evil. But there are movies in which the bad guy looks good, metaphorically, and sometimes literally, wears

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The Stronger Conquers the Strong

Sunday March 7, 2021 Text: Luke 11:14-28 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Luke 11:14-28

            The year was 1781 during the month of October. George Washington and his troops were on the verge of victory. British General Charles Cornwallis had just retreated to Yorktown Virgina in order to maintain naval communications. In light of this, George Washington and the American troops took to Yorktown by land and by sea.

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Impetuous Hands

Wednesday March 3, 2021 Text: John 18:4-11 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 18:4-11

Considering the theme of today’s sermon. Many might be wondering if we are going to spend the whole evening speaking about preschool kids. Little kids do have a tendency to be impetuous. Some of them at least like to jump in and start doing things without even thinking about it. I think of the story

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Return To Truth

Sunday February 28, 2021 Text: Matthew 26:57-68 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 26:57-68

The eighth commandment (some call it the ninth the number doesn’t matter) teaches us not to bear false witness. We have the ultimate example of this in our text today. The chief priests paid people to purposely tell lies in court about Jesus so that they would have an excuse to put him to death.

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Hands of Betrayal

Friday February 26, 2021 Speaker: Festival:

In our sinfulness we so often betray even those we love the most. In our sinful we refuse to forgive those who have betrayed us, even though we can not possibly claim to be any better. But Christ accepted betrayal by the Father and death for the sake of those who had betrayed him. The hands of Judas as well as the betrayal of our own hands are washed clean in the blood of Christ.

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Return To Prayer

Sunday February 21, 2021 Text: Matthew 26:36-45 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 26:36-45

There are some skills we learn as children that we ought to cultivate throughout our life. Unfortunately, we allow many of these skills to fall by the wayside. One such example would be learning to keep a food dairy in high school. It would be good to do a better job keeping track of the

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