Season Thanksgiving

True Thankfulness Is To Accept All That God Gives

Wednesday November 22, 2023 Text: Job 2:1-10 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Job 2:1-10

There are many things in this world which even if I don’t like them, I can see why they are good. Onions are a good example. They are not my favorite food, but they are a source of many good things. There are other things which don’t seem to have any good qualities. Mosquitoes, poison

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Together Again In Christ

Thursday November 24, 2022 Text: Luke 17:11-19 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Luke 17:11-19

Whenever we discuss the 4th commandment, I always tell the students that one of the chief blessings that God gives us through our parents is discipline. To learn right from wrong is one of the most precious things we can receive from our parents. I often also suggest that they should go home and tell

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Learning To Give Thanks For

Thursday November 25, 2021 Text: 1 timothy 4:1-5 Speaker: Festival: Passages: 1 timothy 4:1-5

what is forgotten - what is done - what is bad

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Thanksgiving Service

Friday November 24, 2017 Text: Psalm 136:1-26 Speaker: Festival: Tags: Passages: Psalm 136:1-26

Psalm 136 reminds us of all the things we have to give thanks for

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