Text Mark 1:29-39

The King Comes Like Rain On Parched Grass

Sunday February 4, 2024 Text: Mark 1:29-39 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Mark 1:29-39

In the gospel of John, Jesus opens his ministry with the miracle of water into wine at the wedding of Cana. The kids and I talked on Tuesday about how this miracle reminds us that Jesus came to bless. This first miracle of Jesus mirrors Genesis chapter two. Just as God freely gave Adam and

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Jesus Comes To Preach

Tuesday February 6, 2018 Text: Mark 1:29-39 Speaker: Festival: Tags: / / / Passages: Mark 1:29-39

    Distractions Jesus was distracted from the main work He came to do, preach the gospel. Who knows what it is like to be distracted? As a pastor you want to dedicate yourself to the study of God’s word. I’d love to spend my time really doing a better job with bible class and

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