Text Luke 15:11-32

The Prodigal Son

Thursday March 30, 2023 Text: Luke 15:11-32 Passages: Luke 15:11-32

We see in this parable a warning against two attitudes both of which are sinful. On the one hand the sinful, wanton wastefulness of the younger son which indulges in sin is contrary to God’s word. On the other hand the puritanical attitude of the elder which despises all fun and even despises other sinners.

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Our Father, Who Art In Heaven

Sunday March 27, 2022 Text: Luke 15:11-32 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Luke 15:11-32

The address of the Lord's prayer is a simple statement. On the surface all that we have done is to state to whom we are offering the prayer. Yet it is the most important part of the prayer, since it is God's greatest desire and joy that we return to Him, as this son did, and receive from Him without attempting to earn or deserve it that unconditional love by which He calls us sons of God and becomes again our true Father.

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The Extravagant Grace of the Father

Monday April 1, 2019 Text: Luke 15:1-2,11-32 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Luke 15:1-2,11-32

This is the prodigal family. The younger son is prodigal with his father’s gifts. The first son is prodigal in judging others. The father is prodigal with his love. Neither son appreciates the extravagant love and gifts of the Father.

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