Text John 4:1-41

God’s Living Water: Covered in Jesus’ Grace

Sunday July 23, 2023 Text: John 4:10-14 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 4:10-14

One day when we lived in India, we turned on our kitchen faucet and it wasn’t just water that came out but also a little wiggling worm. We live with so many wonders that we often take them for granted. One of those wonders is not just wormless water but running water in your house.

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Samaritan Woman

Thursday June 22, 2023 Text: John 4:1-41 Passages: John 4:1-41

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Jesus Doesn’t Rest

Sunday March 12, 2023 Text: John 4:5-26 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 4:5-26

Jesus came to give rest not to receive it. This rest is ours when we lay down our sins and receive Jesus.

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