Text Genesis 28:1-22

OT1 – 11 Jacob’s Dream

Thursday January 6, 2022 Text: Genesis 27:41-46; Genesis 28:1-22 Passages: Genesis 27:41-46; Genesis 28:1-22

The story of Jacob is the story of a man who does not really listen to God's promises, but thinks that he can get what he wants through cunning and deceit. It will take many years before Jacob learns to trust God's promises, in the meantime his own sin causes lots of problems in his life. Nevertheless God continues to bless Jacob. God's blessings do not come because of our obedience or faith but because of his promises.

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God Comes Down To Us

Tuesday July 20, 2021 Text: Genesis 28:10-19 Speaker: Passages: Genesis 28:10-19

If we aren’t listening carefully, it is easy to misunderstand expectations.  A wife might remark that we are low on bread and butter but have plenty of eggs, and the husband comes home with eggs and beer. In our text this morning Jacob certainly is not listening and does misunderstand God’s intention. “I will go

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