Text 1-corinthians 3:9-16

Building To Last

Sunday August 14, 2022 Text: 1 corinthians 3:7-15 Speaker: Passages: 1 corinthians 3:7-15

One of the first things my driver instructor taught me was to keep my eyes up on the road ahead. If you are looking at the road right in front of the car you will tend to swerve back and forth. If you watch the center line, you will tend to drift towards the center.

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Christ Has Given You A Foundation For Life

Sunday May 23, 2021 Text: 1 corinthians 3:9-16 Speaker: Festival: Passages: 1 corinthians 3:9-16

Christ has given you a foundation for your life. It is the only foundation upon which you can build a life here and hereafter. Having begun this work in you Christ will also finish it.

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God Gives Growth Into Christ

Tuesday February 18, 2020 Text: 1 corinthians 3:1-9 Speaker: Festival: Passages: 1 corinthians 3:1-9

Into Christ - From God

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