March 18, 2020 All churches services and events are closed until further notice.


How To Live In The Image Of Our Creator

Pull out evil by the root. Daily use the power that is ours through our baptism.

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The Mystical Union

Christ in us is the result of Christ for us. We grow by the external word. We labor for the fullness of the Church.

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Imitate Christ Who Died for Us

Those who do not know God, walk in their own ignorance, rejoicing in their filthiness. We who know Christ know better. We ought to imitate Christ with our mind, tongue and hands. YET Christ still loves us as a father loves his children even when they drive him mad with their bickering.

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Lord, Keep Our Hearts In Your Name

The name of the Lord is the Word of the Lord. The Father keeps us safe through His word. Because of this word we are hated by the world, but just as Jesus kept them while He was in the world, so the Father will keep us now.

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