Jesus Lives Therefore . . .

  Jesus Lives Therefore  .  .  . We have peace Jesus resurrection means we have peace. It’s the first thing Jesus says, not just here but all the time. When God appears in the old testament, when the angels appear to men. They always come with the same message. “Peace to you,” or “Do not

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The Risen Lord Sends Us to Announce Forgiveness

  So here it is the Sunday after Easter, and you’ve probably eaten all the candy. For Vanessa and I we didn’t have any candy, but we had so many leftovers we didn’t have to cook all week. The leftovers are gone now, so we have to start cooking again. But what is the bigger

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Jesus Prepares All Things that We May Have Life

This text is all about preparation. The Lord brings the Jewish leaders to the final decision to crucify him. The Lord prepares the crowds for Palm Sunday. Most importantly the Lord prepares his disciples for death and life. He prepares them for His coming death and resurrection with a threefold lesson about faith. 1. The Glory of God is found in the cross. 2. Faith will wait on the word of God. 3. The end result of the faith that waits is life.

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