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NT5-09 Paul’s First Missionary Journey

Paul and Barnabas leave from Antioch and travel through Cyprus and Asia Minor. Paul blinds an evil sorcerer. Paul heals a man lame from birth. The Jews filled with envy attempt to stop Paul in every city. Despite sickness and persecution Paul continues to preach and teach and the word of God grows.

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The Mystery of Christ Revealed in Marriage

Marriage is more than two people who love each other. Marriage is the union of two people bound together, not by frail human love, but by the power of Christ. Through marriage Christ gives to us the greatest of all earthly blessings. In marriage we see a picture of Christ and the church.

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Jesus Alone Offers Peace and Hope

We were separated from God and missing out on all these blessings Christ tore down the wall that separates us from Him and one another Christ built us up into one body one family in which we now have all the blessings of heaven

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Christ’s Family Are Those Whom He Separates from Sin and Satan

Christ separates us from Satan to unite us with himself. Those who are united to Christ leave behind sin. Those who do His will are His family.

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The Sword of Jesus’ Word Does Divide

The Sword of Jesus’ Word Does Divide 1. It is a word that offends 2. It is a word that calls 3. It is a word that unites

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