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NT2-01 Jesus Changes Water Into Wine

Monday January 23, 2023 Text: John 2:1-11 Passages: John 2:1-11

In His first miracle at Cana in Galilee, Jesus showed that He is God. Through God’s Word and physical means—water, bread, and wine—God shows us that Jesus is our Savior.

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This Is My Son: Jesus

Sunday December 25, 2022 Text: John 1:1-16 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 1:1-16

What’s wrong with the world these days? One could probably list a lot of things, but the problem we are going to talk about today is fatherlessness.  Unless one is a computer engineer or a physicist you have to be careful about statistics. Statistics, especially those from a survey, usually only confirm our preconceived notions.

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Sunday June 5, 2022 Text: John 14:23-31 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 14:23-31

God’s word is valuable in and of itself but it is all the more precious because it is a gift from Jesus who died for our sins.

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Thy Will Be Done

Sunday April 10, 2022 Text: John 12:20-43 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 12:20-43

The Father’s will is that Jesus die for our sins, that we join Jesus at the cross, and that through His death we are drawn up to heaven.

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7.09 The Pool of Bethesda

Friday April 1, 2022 Text: John 5:1-17 Passages: John 5:1-17

For thirty-eight years, a paralyzed man has lain by the pool of Bethesda, hoping to enter it and receive healing. Jesus asks if he desires healing and then tells the man to take up his bed and walk. When the Jews see the man carrying his bed on the Sabbath, they question who told him to do this, but the man doesn’t know who Jesus is. After encountering Jesus at the temple, the man reports back to the Jewish leaders, who persecute Jesus.

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Are You A King

Wednesday March 30, 2022 Text: John 18:37 Speaker: Festival: Passages: John 18:37

Sometimes your following instructions and things happen as they should. For example, the instructions say hold down the button 15 sec until the light blinks twice. It is a relief to see that light blink, you know that you are doing it correctly. Or the recipe says bake 15 minutes until golden brown, after 15

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7.8 Samaritan Woman

Friday March 25, 2022 Text: John 4:1-41 Passages: John 4:1-41

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7.07 Nicodemus

Friday March 18, 2022 Text: John 3:1-21 Passages: John 3:1-21

Nicodemus, a leader of the Jewish Council, comes to see Jesus under cover of darkness. Puzzled by Jesus’ instruction that one must be born again to enter the kingdom of God, Nicodemus asks how someone can be physically reborn. Jesus gently instructs Nicodemus as He explains the spiritual rebirth found only in Christ. Christ alone

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7.06 Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Friday March 4, 2022 Text: John 2:13-22 Passages: John 2:13-22

Merchants and money-changers fill the outer courts of the temple in preparation for the Passover. Jesus overturns the tables and drives out the animals in His zeal to restore the temple to its proper purpose. When the Jews question His authority, Jesus tells them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up” (John 2:19). Only after His resurrection do the disciples realize that Jesus was referring to His body as the new temple.

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7.05 Jesus Baptism

Tuesday February 22, 2022 Text: John 1:29-34; Matthew 3:1-17 Passages: John 1:29-34; Matthew 3:1-17

John the Baptist lives in the wilderness, dressed in camel’s hair and eating locusts and honey. John’s message of repentance and preparation draws people to the banks of the Jordan, where they receive Baptism. As the prophet sent to point out the Messiah, John declares, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29), as Jesus approaches.

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