Passage :

Chosen by God

Sunday June 19, 2022 Text: Genesis 18:19 Speaker: Passages: Genesis 18:19

Chosen by God; What does this mean? It means that God will meddle in your life It means that God will bring about His purpose It means that God has given you a part

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God’s Honest Truth

Sunday June 12, 2022 Text: Genesis 3:1-15 Speaker: Passages: Genesis 3:1-15

Satan is crafty but God speaks the truth. Satan’s word is more appealing but God’s word last forever. Satan sells us death but God gives us life.

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OT1 – 11 Jacob’s Dream

Thursday January 6, 2022 Text: Genesis 27:41-46; Genesis 28:1-22 Passages: Genesis 27:41-46; Genesis 28:1-22

The story of Jacob is the story of a man who does not really listen to God's promises, but thinks that he can get what he wants through cunning and deceit. It will take many years before Jacob learns to trust God's promises, in the meantime his own sin causes lots of problems in his life. Nevertheless God continues to bless Jacob. God's blessings do not come because of our obedience or faith but because of his promises.

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OT1 – 10 Jacob and Esau

Friday November 19, 2021 Text: Genesis 25:1-34; Genesis 27:1-40 Passages: Genesis 25:1-34; Genesis 27:1-40

God’s grace working through a dysfunctional family

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OT1 – 09 Isaac and Rebekah

Tuesday November 9, 2021 Text: Genesis 24:1-67 Passages: Genesis 24:1-67

Isaac and Rebekah both put their trust in the Lord and the Lord blesses their marriage.

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OT1 – 08 Abraham Sacrifices Isaac

Saturday November 6, 2021 Text: Genesis 22:1-19 Passages: Genesis 22:1-19

Isaac the only son of Abraham is sacrificed as a picture of Jesus the only son of the Father who was sacrificed for us. In the mount of the Lord it shall be provided and in that mountain it was provided. The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world was provided.

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OT1-07 Isaac Is Born

Friday October 22, 2021 Text: Genesis 18:1-15; Genesis 21:1-7 Passages: Genesis 18:1-15; Genesis 21:1-7

God often gives promises that are hard for us to believe, yet the Lord does what he promises. Sarah laughs in derision at God’s promise but learns to laugh in joy at His fulfillment.

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OT1 – 06 Abram

Friday October 15, 2021 Text: Genesis 12:1-9; Genesis 15:1-6; Genesis 17:1-27 Passages: Genesis 12:1-9; Genesis 15:1-6; Genesis 17:1-27

God forges the faith of Abram to make him the father of all who believes. God gives to Abram and his descendants the promise of the Savior. They are it’s keepers but the promise is for the world.

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