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Treasure God’s Gifts

Sunday November 19, 2023 Text: Matthew 25:14-30 Speaker: Festival: Passages: Matthew 25:14-30

Verse 14 There are a number of these parables which begin with a master or a landowner, or a king leaving. These parables come near the end of Jesus ministry. Our current parable is spoken by Jesus after his entry into Jerusalem during the last week of before his death. Such parables anticipate Jesus’s ascension.

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Funeral For Lee Krueger

Monday January 30, 2023 Text: Matthew 25:20-21 Speaker: Passages: Matthew 25:20-21

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Jesus Gives Us A Heart of Faith Not Fear

Monday November 20, 2017 Text: Matthew 25:14-30 Speaker: Festival: Tags: / / / / Passages: Matthew 25:14-30

A Heart Of Faith, Not Fear A Salvation Of Faith, Not Works The lazy servant gives a convincing speech, but the Lord knows the truth that his heart is a heart of fear instead of faith. He knew that his master doesn’t make mistakes; therefore he should have known that he was capable of making use of his talent. He condemned not because of his works but because of his lack of faith.

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