Sermon Summaries

How to and what is expected


  1. Text / Theme / Speaker

Begin each summary by writing the text, theme, and the speaker’s name at the top.


  1. Law

The Bible often reminds us of what we should and should not do, what God expects of us and how we have failed God. This is the Law. The Law is an important aspect of any sermon since we have no need of Jesus unless we have failed to live a good life on our own. What did the Pastor say about the Law? What did he remind us we should or should not be doing? Is there anything he talked about that you have failed to do?  What sins did he talk about?


  1. Gospel

The Gospel is the good news that Jesus died for my sins. Even though we have failed to live good lives we get to go to heaven anyway because Jesus died for our sins. Did the pastor talk about the gospel? Did he talk about forgiveness? Did he talk about the Love of Jesus?


  1. Summary

Write at least a couple sentences summarizing the main points of the sermon. Write down anything notable or interesting.


  1. What did I learn

Is there anything you learned that you did not know before? Did the sermon make you think about something that you hadn’t before? Write down any thoughts or questions you have about the sermon.