Bulletin – May 15

Council Meeting Notes
∙ Pastor announced that his final day will be Sunday, June 19
∙ There was consensus to have the inmates come on August 17 for cleaning
∙ Resolved: To recommend to the voters to establish a fund and committee to assist those in need. The guidelines are as follows:
The purpose of this committee is to provide financial aid to individuals and families when special needs arise. This would be primarily for Faith members, but non-members may be considered on a case by case basis. Members of Faith will receive the top priority.
∙ The Helping Hands Committee will consist of one elder and two voting members appointed by the council. It will be a standing committee. The committee will elects its chairman from the three members. The pastor is an ex officio member of the committee as per the constitution.
∙ Members may donate to the fund through their offerings. It will be administered by the Special Funds treasurer.
∙ When a need arises, the individual may ask the committee, or possible recipients may be suggested by the elders or members of the congregation. The committee will then meet with the individual to determine what is needed, and disburse money as it sees fit.
∙ The committee will report its activity to the annual voters’ meeting.
∙ The pastor may disburse up to $100 at his own discretion.
∙ The fund may be promoted through the bulletin and other ways as special needs arise.

Letter from Pastor Hanel
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ of Faith Lutheran,
I want to let you know that I have received your Call to serve as your pastor. It is both an honor and humbling to be considered for such work in the Lord’s Kingdom. I ask for your prayers during this time and look forward with excitement to the Lord’s guidance as to what His Will is in this matter.

Lord’s Blessings
Pastor Matthew Hanel

If you wish to contact Pastor Hanel and talk to him about the congregation’s needs, you may reach him at 972-733-4535 or hanel95@hotmail.com

Tables and Chairs
As we enter the season of graduation parties and similar events, just a reminder that we are asking that the white tables and the chairs that are in the gym and lunch room remain there. The brown tables and chairs in the safe room are available for members to borrow. Please leave your name and date on a piece of paper attached to them with the date of your use. Thank you.

CLC News
Pastor David Pfeiffer of Ascension, Batavia, IL has accepted the call to Holy Trinity, West Columbia, SC… Seminary Graduate is considering the call to Mt. Zion, Madison Heights, MI and as Associate Pastor to Immanuel, Mankato, MN

Brewer Outing
From Teacher Ted Quade: Our annual Brewer outing is Tuesday, July 26 against the Arizona Diamondbacks. A limited number of tickets are available for $21.00. Inquiries or to register, individuals should email me BEFORE June 1 (sooner, if at all possible): tedquade@gmail.com

Lutheran Spokesman
It is time to renew or start a subscription to the Lutheran Spokesman. There is a “throwback” rate of $10 to renew or $8 for a new subscription. The form is posted on the bulletin board. The deadline is June 12. Samples of the Spokesman may be found by the guest register. Yellow envelopes are available on the bulletin board and may be put in hte offering plate or pastor’s mailbox. For current subscribers, please look this today so that you won’t have your subscription cancelled.

We could still use one more lay-delegate for convention in Eau Claire June 23-26 and our local delegate conference in Hales Corners on June 6-7. We need to register shortly, so if you can help out, please see Pastor right away.