Bulletin – April 24

Quarterly Voters’ Meeting Notes
∙ 15 voters were present
∙ General Fund Treasurer: 1st qtr receipt: $50,150 Disbursements: $48, 701 Balance: $30,184
∙ Missions Treasurer: 1st qtr receipts: General Missions: $8910 CLC Mission Development: $140 CLC Church Extension: $75 Project KINSHIP: $115 ILC Building: $300 ILC Improvement: $75 Note: Our CBP estimate is $39,000. We received 23% of that in the 1st qtr
∙ Building Fund Treasuer: 1st qtr receipts: $1305 Disbursements: $3682 Balances: General Building Fund: $5467 Front Entrance: $604 Parsonage Windows: $150
∙ Special Funds Treasurer: 1st qtr balances: Organ fund: $198 Gym fund: $155 Stained Glass: $6080 Choir Music: $23 Undesignated: $120
∙ The reception of Jeremy Golz and Ida Herrera was ratified
∙ Bre Anna Nagle was released from membership (no response after repeated attempts to contact)
∙ Morgan Bobek, Morgan Jones, and Dylan Quade were received into communicant membership pending their confirmation
∙ Resolved: To reimburse Mr. Carstensen for his exterminator costs
∙ Resolved: To hire exterminator for the buildings
∙ Resolved: Not to have Monday night services on Memorial Day and Independence Day. To have lay services on Monday June 6 and Sunday June 7 due to the pastor being gone for Delegate Conference and Convention
∙ Resolved; To purchase a new copier for $6879. The cost is to be split between the General Fund and School Fund
∙ One bid at $6800 was received to put central air in the parsonage. Other bids are being put together and this will be discussed at the call meeting of May 1.
∙ Preparations are being made for the vacancy.

Pastor’s Resignation
Dear brothers and sisters of Faith,

Due to chronic health issues, it is necessary for me to resign as pastor of Faith. It is not possible for me physically, mentally, or emotionally to fulfill the duties of this office. This announcement is abrupt for you, but it is something that I have been dealing with for some time. In fact, shortly after I accepted the call here. My overall health is better than it has been in six months, but it is not enough. I was not hasty in making this decision, and prayed extensively about it. I also consulted my pastor, Visitor Michael Wilke, over the last few months. I did not consult with the council because I did not want the focus to be on me instead of the work. Neither did I want things to be drawn out. I pray that you quickly find another pastor to continue the work here. I will always be grateful that you gave me another chance to be your pastor. It has been a blessing.
Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Mike Schierenbeck

Call Meeting
The voters will meet next Sunday, May 1 at 1:30 pm. Also there will be a discussion of bids to install air conditioning in the parsonage.

CLC News
Pastor Neal Radichel has returned the call to Rock of Ages, Grand Rapids, MI… Zion of Madison Heights has called Pastor Roland Gurgel of Bethel, Spring, TX.

Retirement Gift
From the Board of Regents: Professor John Pfeiffer has announced his retirement effective the end of the current academic year. Upon graduation from Immanuel Lutheran Seminary in 1967, he served in the pastoral ministry until November 1994 when he began his service at Immanuel. Prof. Pfeiffer’s time at Immanuel includes 21 years of teaching as a professor and 15 years of administration as ILC President. His faithful service to our church and our school will be acknowledged during the ILC Class Day/Graduation festivities on May 20-21, 2016. Our custom is to present a monetary gift to Prof. Pfeiffer as a token of our appreciation. CLC members are invited to contribute to a monetary gift which will be presented to him at Graduation (May 21). Please make your checks payable to Immanuel Lutheran College and indicate: “Prof. Pfeiffer Retirement.” Send your gift to: Immanuel Lutheran College, 501 Grover Road, Eau Claire, WI 54701.

Opportunity to Help at ILC
From the ILC Board of Regents: One of the blessings that comes from the ascended Savior is the gift of teachers for our Immanuel campus. One gift (Prof. John Pfeiffer) is moving on even as another gift (Prof. Paul Naumann) is getting ready to move in. Providing housing is one way we care for these gifts to our fellowship. The Immanuel Professorage Committee (IPC) has compiled a list of projects that need to be done while the professorage is vacant. We are looking for volunteer help immediately before or after Convention, or anytime in June and early July convenient for you (in teams or individuals). Projects include: installing new windows & siding, installing new carpeting/vinyl, installing a new kitchen, painting inside, and fencing in the back yard. If you are able to help with any of these projects or would like more details, please contact Pastor Paul Tiefel (715-829-2000/tiefels@hotmail.com).