Bulletin — Lent — Sunday — 03/18/12

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Candice Ohlmann, Principal (Grades 3-5) . . . . . . . . .   398-8910

Lila Brown (Grades 6-8) . . . . . . . . . . . . .  394-3439

Ann Sprengeler (Grades K-2) . . . . . . . . . .  398-2048

Marie Muehlenhaupt (Kindergarten) . . . . . . . . . .  398-2563

Lisa Reyes (Pre-School) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 229-9322


Welcome, Worshipers!


Fourth Sunday in Lent – March 18, 2012




OUR SERVICE this morning will consist of the concert – may the Lord bless our hearing of His Word in song!

LUNCH will be served soon after the conclusion of the concert; we hope you have made plans to come and visit with the choir!

TODAY’S OFFERING: During the intermission, we will take our customary Sunday offering; financial gifts for the Tour Choir need to be placed in the “Tour Choir” basket in the back of the church.  Thank you!

THIS BULLETIN consists entirely of announcements today!



>> ILC Tour Choir Concert, 10 a.m.

>> Regular p.m. worship schedule at Living Hope, Appleton, WI (NR)


>> Zimmerman information class, 6 p.m.


>> Women of Faith, 3:30 p.m.


>> NO Midweek Bible Study

   >> 3:40 p.m. Public school unified confirmation class

   >> 5:10 p.m. Spencer Henke webcam confirmation class


>> 5:30 p.m. Rishes confirmation class via Skype


>> Arts Camp at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Mankato, MN

   >> 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Lenten Service (Pastor Mark Bernthal)


>> Regular worship schedule with Holy Communion

     >> High School Bible Study, 9:40 a.m.

     >> Adult fellowship hour in the lunch room, between services


Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. our guest speaker will be Pastor Mark Bernthal from Middleton, WI.


is not being held this week, since Pastor Krause will be at Luther Memorial Church in Fond du Lac for their morning midweek Lenten service.


we are continuing with what we have been doing for the last ½ year or so. Our SS classes will meet as usual; the adult Bible Class will not meet; instead PK meets for a Bible Study with our high schoolers.  All adults are encouraged to use the time between services as a fellowship hour; there are goodies served in the lunch room.  It is an opportunity for late service attenders to come early, and early service attenders to stay late to visit with others they may not see much otherwise!


>> postcard from Lee and Elna Krueger

>> Library books relating to Lent – check one out!

>> latest ILC newsletter — some copies on table

>> latest CLC financial report — some copies on table

>> info regarding upcoming Marriage Enrichment Retreat

>> pamphlet of daily devotions that can be used during Lent

>> sign up sheet for Easter lilies through Chris’ Floral (Gena Kok)

>> Information regarding Arise and Shine Conference


The Women of Faith is purchasing an Easter lily for Easter Sunday.  You are welcome to add to the festivities with flowers of your own:

1) You can order Easter lilies yourself through Gena Kok (see the sign up sheet on the table in the entry)

2) You are welcome to bring one of your own from home


>> For Lucas Brown’s expenses for his CLC Mission Helper Trip this summer; this collection will continue through June 2012

>> Our ILC Tour Choir collection continues through next Sunday, March 25th. Then all offerings will be forwarded to the choir to help cover their expenses.


On Sunday April 1 and possibly Monday April 2 we will be steam cleaning the carpets in the church and school. We need volunteers to move desks and furniture in the classrooms on Sunday after church. The steam cleaning will follow on Sunday. A sign up sheet will be available. This work was previously done by the prison system, but they are no longer available. Parents and other volunteers, please take a few hours to help with this work. Your volunteer efforts are greatly appreciated!


  Our thanks go out to the players for all their hard work this season, and for a memorable tournament. I will always remember the two nail-biting wins on Friday in Eau Claire. Thank you to the coaches, concession workers, scorekeepers, and referees for all the time and energy that they put into the basketball program. Thanks go out to the parents as well for their support. Please turn in your laundered game and practice jerseys, and we look forward to another season next winter! – Mike Schierenbeck, Athletic Director


For those planning school calendars and the like, next year’s Grade School Tourney will be held March 21-23 at ILC. This coordinates with Immanuel’s spring break. Please note that this is Thursday-Saturday because March 24 is Palm Sunday. When the tournament last occurred on Palm Sunday weekend, it was determined that it worked out best to have the Thursday – Saturday format, and we’re continuing with that. In Christ, Mike Schierenbeck – Grade School Tournament Director


This comes from Messiah Lutheran ~ Hales Corners    Night at the Ball Park – Plan to join us this year at the ball park! Monday, July 16, 2012 – 7:00  – St. Louis Cardinals – Our group is sitting in section 128. The cost is $21.00 per ticket. Seats will be assigned as they are paid for. For more details email tedquade@gmail.com


February 21, 2012   Pastor Krause led the devotion with examples of Scripture regarding believers and the blessings of togetherness.  The WOF were requested to look at some suggestions to be considered for Faith’s 50th anniversary which will be in 2014 — The historical museum display is being worked on and will be complete once old photos are received — The ILC Choir tour will be coming March 18th.  The WOF will be serving lunch.  The congregation will be asked to bring salads and dessert  – A donation will be send for the After Banquet Party for Immanuel Lutheran High School and College Students – An Easter Lilly will be ordered for the altar.


– meeting held on March 6 ++ 5 members present with PK and Principal Ohlmann ++ 2 book orders (for vocabulary and history) were approved totaling approx. $835.00 ++ Apr 19 set for field trip to Milwaukee, April 25 for Fun Nite ++ non-member enrollment issues discussed ++ faculty “personal days” policy will be looked into next month ++ PK report on classes: 2 Rishes to be confirmed in June; 2 public school confirmation classes at Faith will be meeting together during Lent ++ next meeting: Tuesday, April 3, 7 p.m. ++ for more details, please speak with chairman Mike Schierenbeck and/or Pastor Krause


(for full detailed report, please contact PK or Blaine Kempenaar) Previous balance: $4,120.69   Received: $636.50   Disbursed: $474.16   Current balance: $4,283.03   Milk & Hot Lunch: $1,753.44 Spendable Balance: $2,559.59    Faith Student Aid Fund: begin/end balance: $500.00   Faith Teacher Aid Fund: begin/end balance: $272.78 Special Project Fund: begin/end balance: $0.00


8 members present with PK ++ minutes read/approved ++ treasurers’ reports given/approved (see below) ++ property trustee items: gym light bulbs all replaced; door closer by lunch room to be replaced; look into replacing more windows and AC unit in teacherage and getting our furnaces cleaned; repairs needed on bell wall ++ OLD BUSINESS: update from PK on secretarial help ++ PK’s insurance premium increased from $870.80 to $957.54 per month ++ update from PK on Lucas Brown’s trip, set for July 8th through August 12th, 2012 ++ back in Oct/Nov of 2011 the council had been asked if the Christian Worship hymnal (WELS) could be added as a supplement to what we currently have – at this meeting the council discussed various aspects of the hymns in the CW and will look at the liturgies next time ++ Board of Ed will be spearheading carpet cleaning over spring break ++ the council serves as a sounding board regarding the liturgy we use in our worship services – this month there were several things that were discussed and brought to PK’s attention – the council advised PK to use the liturgy from the TLH perhaps a couple times during the month of April; also to find a way to look into using familiar hymns ++ since the council has over the last months been addressing salary and pay package issues, it was moved/approved for Jack Bremer and Bob Kirst to get an insurance review done for Ann Sprengeler, Candy Ohlmann, and PK and to report back to the next council meeting ++ NEW BUSINESS: collection on Sunday will be as usual; gifts for the Tour Choir need to be placed in basket in the back of church ++ Dale M. will work with Jim Hanneman regarding treating church to get rid of the flies ++ upcoming schedule for the month was discussed ++ request from Emily Marzofka for her mission trip to Peru this summer was discussed; a special collection for her will begin once the ILC Tour Choir collection concludes next Sunday; information will also be put in the bulletin regarding her trip ++ the promissory note on the gym loan (marked “PAID”) will be on display on the bulletin board until such a time (soon) that we will have a ceremony to burn it (NOTE: the mortgage is still in the hands of the CLC until we get the roof loan paid off) ++ clothing drive (taken care of by Collette Krause) was approved for dates in May/June/July (will be further announced in bulletin at a later date) ++ next meeting: April 10, 7:30 p.m.


NOTE: Please note: these reports reflect the status of accounts as of the end of last month; they are not reporting current conditions.

  Also note:  if you wish to see the complete reports, please see Pastor Krause.

Bd of Ed Treasurer’s report on February:

see above

General Fund Treasurer on February

: Beginning balance: $12,033.12 (includes bank loan balance: $14,679.36) Received: $12,939.79 Total Available: $24,972.91 Disbursements: $18,227.57 Ending Balance: $6,745.34 Bank loan balance: $14,679.36  Actual Balance: ($7,934.02)

Missions Treasurer – for February:


Income for CLC CBP (“Missions”): $   2,685.00

Year to date total for 2011 = $   7,500.00

Offerings for other CLC funds

Month’s offerings:   $ 125.00 Offerings for 2012: $      225.00

Building Fund Treasurer’s Report for February:


Opening Balance   $6,559.21       Interest income $ .42

Contributions      $135.00       Disbursements $162.00

Closing Balance     $ 6,532.63    Church roof $222.73

Furnace-windows $ 920.57

Front Entrance $2,889.33 General $2,500.00

Roof Fund loan principal balance: $4,079.90

Memorials/Specials Treasurer’s Report for February:

Beginning Balance  $ 5,469.34    Receipts $2,095.00

Funds Available  $ 7,564.34  Disbursements $ 4,948.95

Ending Balance  $2,615.39     Organ:  Open balance: $1,729.69; close balance: 1,879.69; Choir music: open/close balance   $141.37

Stained glass windows: open/close balance: $290.00

Gym: open balance $3,308.28 (+ $1,945.00 – $4,948.95) =

close balance $304.33         Gym loan balance: $0.00


20’s-30’s Conference 2012 – June 7-10, 2012 – Camp JIM – Pillager, MN (Brainerd area) – Please make plans to join us for this year’s “Arise & Shine 20’s-30’s Conference.” The theme for this year is “self” and is based on our theme passages from Matthew 16:21-26 (ESV): “…Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it…” and John 3:30 (NKJ): “He must increase; but I must decrease.” For more info & to register go to our website: www.AriseAndShineRetreat.com Costs: $125 per adult (ages 7 and up), $50 (ages 4 – 6), FREE (ages 0-3). Child Care is provided at no additional cost to families. We ask that families attending the retreat register by May 18th to enable child care arrangements to be made. Questions: Feel free to contact: Pastor Luke Bernthal – lbernthal@live.com 402.389.2147 -or- Alana Ahrens – alanaahrens@yahoo.com 402.322.9064


Nominations for the office of President of ILC are welcome. The current term of Professor John Pfeiffer expires June 30, 2012.  All pastors, professors, male teachers, and voting members of the CLC are entitled to nominate a man from the faculty of Immanuel Lutheran College to serve a two-year term beginning July 1, 2012.  Nominations must be written or E-mailed no later than midnight April 15 , 2012 to…  Mr. Craig Ryan 499 Country Lane Fulda , MN 56131   E-Mail: cryan@page1printers.com


by Missionary David Koenig…

Annual Report of BELC India Districts

-Uthukottai, Chennai, Tiruvallure, Tiruttani, Vaniyampadi, Sri Kalahasti, Koppedu, Chittoor

These are excerpts. – Number of Pastors Serving – 261, Number of Baptisms – 161

Pastor D. Paul gave us at our recent joint conference in Chennai a report on the work. Among other things he told:

Spiritual Counseling

– Spiritual counseling is concerned with helping otherwise healthy functioning individuals identify, strategize, and solve problems in the daily living environments of family, work, community and spirituality. It is concerned with problems and challenges of everyday living. We are not a problem solver. Our Lord only solves all our problems. Our BELC is educating the youths about marriage and responsibilities associated with running a family. Our Savior made peace between God and men. He is the peace of God and the Prince of Peace. Through Him and His Gospel words, we are trying to make peace and solve the problems.Film Ministry – We have been doing the film ministry since 2000 and the Jesus film ministry program is a very great tool for outreach ministry. The local pastor or supervisor of the film ministry delivers a very good introduction address about the film and the purpose of the film showing. This year the film was shown: Chennai Dist. – 8 areas, Koppedu Dist. – 9 areas, Tiruttani Dist. – 5 areas, Chittoor and Sri Kalahasti Districts – 11 areas, Uthukottai Dist. – 9 areas.
Gospel Meetings – We have been conducting the open air Gospel meetings in several places of our districts. The Scripture of John’s Gospel and New Testaments were distributed. In one area over 2500 people participated, while in two others over 300 people each.

Health Camps

– The BELC conducted two medical health camps during the year.

Tuition Centres

– These are conducted in five places. Children after school are helped with lessons, and Bible stories are also taught.


>> We thank Prof. John Reim and the ILC Tour Choir for blessing us this morning with the Word in song!  Thanks to the Lord also for moving these young people to put their talents to use in the choir!

>> Do you have something you are thankful for at Faith?  Drop a note in Pastor Krause’s box, and he will be happy to include it in the bulletin


Attendance –03/11 one service: 55 (BB tourney)

Wednesday evening (03/07): 51

Offerings (03/07)

= General Fund: $585.00 Missions: $390.00

Project Kinship: $50.00    School Fund: $35.00

Offerings (03/11)= General Fund: $2,089.65   Missions: $360.00

Gym Fund: $200.00    In memory of Lyndon Pamenter: $200.00 to the Organ Fund; in memory of Gary Flagel: $25.00 to the General Fund


March 18: Team #3 – Lynn Dumke, Jim Kok; March 25: Team #4 – Archie Quade, Roger Stellmacher


: March early and 21: Dale Muehlenhaupt, Randy Haight, Andrew Kohn, Tyler Denson; March Late and 28: Martin Hansen, Bob Kirst, Adam Brown, Lloyd Lundeen